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Brief Profile of the Principal

Arun Kumar Gupta
Principal ARPS (HS) Kakching

Message from the Principal

A meaningful School curriculum has to reflect the need and aspirations of its learners. A school curriculum, in order to be relevant with changing scenario, need to be based on three pillars – relevance, equity and excellence.
An educational system has to facilitate /ensure several things. Some of the major ones are – equality among sexes, excellence, lighter school curricula, personal growth of learners, interpersonal and intrapersonal development, aesthetic approach etc.
It is absolutely necessary to make education accessible to more and more girls especially, rural girls by removing all gender discrimination and gender bias in school curriculum, textbooks etc.
In order to promote, equality as well as excellence, a curricular programme has to ensure identification of gifted and talented children and impart them the education in the derivable ways.
Heavy School curricula has been causing a tremendous stress and strain among students and thereby hampering their development. So, steps need to be taken up in this direction for the good & healthy future of our children. No School Bag Day, observed in school of Manipur on every Saturday is a right step in this direction.
Education must facilitate learner’s personal growth and psychologically prepare them to cope with all the changes taking place in all spheres of life. In this regard, imparting of emotional literacy, gains importance. Emotional intelligence or emotional literacy include emotional and social skills, which relate to education of moral and spiritual for development & also have implication for the management and prevention of anger, aggression truancy, drug abuse etc.
Curricular should have aesthetic approach too. This approach to curriculum provides means to the activation of senses for the learner’s new insights and understanding.
We at ARPS, Kakching integrated development of all the aforesaid matters in our curriculum for all round education and integrated development of all the students admitted in our school.